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Bonnie is great to work with throughout the entire retreat planning process: from planning to execution! She is prepared, professional, and a creative collaborator who brings fun ideas to the table. During retreats, she makes every person feel welcomed and a valued part of the group. Her flexibility and intentionality make her a superb retreat leader.

Katherine Albin

Nebraska Lutheran Outdoor Ministries Retreat Coordinator/Manager

 Carol Joy Holling Retreat Center

I met Bonnie shortly after Studio 4:8 opened its doors. Her teaching style was something completely different from what I experienced in other studios and I kept coming back. When I discovered a few years later that she would be leading a faith-based 200-hr teacher training, it seemed like a no-brainer to sign up. I committed to YTT with the goal of deepening my own personal practice – I didn’t have a desire to actually teach. But because of Bonnie’s knowledge, expertise, and patience to come alongside me to help me grow, she helped me gain the confidence I needed to commit to teaching my own classes. I wouldn’t have trusted anyone else to lead me through my yoga teacher training.  

Brooke Jensen

200-hr Teacher Teacher Training

Studio 4:8 School of Yoga

I first met Bonnie in the spring of 2017. I reached out to meet and discuss joining Studio 4:8's yoga teacher training course that was scheduled to start in the fall. It was in the first few moments of our meeting that I thought to myself, this is an opportunity that I cannot miss out on with Bonnie as my teacher to guide me through the YTT process. I not only committed that very same day to teacher training, but also committed my husband and myself as members of the Studio. It is rare that I don't reflect on that decision with utter overwhelming gratitude for walking right into what has been one of the most impactful experiences of my life. I've learned so much, and all of it would not have been possible without the leadership and guidance of Bonnie. She has a vision and a mission toward providing a Christian yoga studio in the community of Lincoln and I'm so thankful to be part of the journey!

Kathy Collins

200-hr Teacher Teacher Training

Studio 4:8 School of Yoga

Bonnie provides support, and mentorship during the entire 200-hr teacher training process. She kept the material educational but remembered she was teaching souls. I would recommend Bonnie for any continuing education training. She will become to you an extraordinary friend, ally, and educator for a lifetime.

Megan Bell 

200-hr Teacher Teacher Training

Studio 4:8 School of Yoga

Bonnie Meyer has been a true blessing to the at-risk youth at The Pathfinder Education Program. Many of them have benefited greatly as they've learned alternative ways to deal with the stress they deal with on a daily basis. Their lives are difficult due to circumstances beyond their control and awaiting adjudication throws another layer of difficulty in their path. Bonnie has been patient with every one of our students helping them learn how to trust the adults in their lives. 

Lisa Taylor

Youth Detention Facility

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